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2013 Deals from Walgreens Photo

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Foundation & Development:

In 1901, Walgreens was founded and created to provide an extensive selection of general goods that the public needs on a regular basis. The city of Chicago, where Walgreens was founded, wanted to make their mark on the market of general stores. Little did they know, they would go on to create one of the largest corporations in all of America. With over 250,000 employees in 8,169 locations spread out over 50 states, it’s easy to see why you can’t drive down a road without seeing a Walgreens. However, with the great success of the company, they did not stray from their original goal; to save people money. You can get your supplies anywhere, why would you chose Walgreens? This article will show you exactly how their coupons, sales, and offers stand out against their competition. They’ve been in business all through the 1900′s and all the way up into 2012. With a company that’s been in business that long, they must know a thing or two about saving people money.

Walgreens Web Presence:

The Walgreens web presence is unlike that of any other drug and general store. Not only can you shop for common things like toilet paper, food, cigarettes, and candy, but you can also pick up medications. Walgreens provides medical pharmacists that can fill prescriptions and help you. All of these services can be found online, as well as tons of great sales. Signing up on their website (Walgreens.com) will allow you to receive emails about coupons, sales, and events Walgreens has going. This is the perfect way to get the latest coupon savings the moment they come out. This website strives to save you money through coupons and savings, while also providing all the goods and medications that you need. The pharmacy has savings such as signing up for their programs to save huge amounts on prescriptions. As well as constant sales of %25 off, and buy 1 get 1 free, on various items in the store.

As previously stated, Walgreens provides extensive amounts of coupons and savings on their website. However, many competing websites have tried to duplicate this and have you visit their website for their coupon codes. While in theory this sounds great, the reality is, the majority of the time, the coupons don’t work. Unlike Walgreens, these websites don’t stay up to date, and current, on sales, coupons, and trends. This means that outdated coupons are being given to you that are essentially useless.

Walgreens has been in business for over 100 years and they’re still on top. If you’re an avid shopper of Walgreens stores, or you simply want to save some hard earned cash, Use Walgreens.com for coupons. Many people out there have competing coupon, and savings, stores. However, nobody does savings like Walgreens does savings. Cut out the middle man and deal with the company directly. Their website has sign up features located at the top where you can register your email address and start watching the savings roll in. Walgreens set out to help you save big on the everyday items that you need around the house. It’s up to you to make sure that you’re dealing with the company themselves, and not use other competing websites for coupons and savings codes.


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